FlexiSail is a fully accredited RYA Training Centre. We focus solely on providing a fully supported, fun and integrated membership and training solution to ensure that you train at your own pace.

We believe that as a member you should have access to the best possible one-to-one RYA training and that it should be carried out on your own FlexiSail boat. Training is the key to your overall enjoyment and fundamental to achieving competency and confidence both for you and those around you.

FlexiSail’s RYA Training

  • A range of mentored RYA training packages when you start your membership
    To achieve your sailing goals on your ‘own’ boat
  • Bespoke one-to-one RYA Yachtmaster Instructors
    Enabling you to learn what you want, when you want
  • Specific skills days
    Playing with spinnakers, boat handling and man overboard recovery, all adds experience and is fun
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Bespoke Mentored Training

Ours is a nurturing, hand-holding process for those that appreciate it, whilst those more experienced and well-qualified skippers have access to a whole tier of higher level bespoke and RYA training. The one factor that you quickly learn is that you never stop meeting different situations and there is always something to learn!

The value of personal high quality RYA training is invaluable. You will learn from our instructors, who are all Yachtmaster Instructors at the top of their profession. They are able to relate to you, identify where they can best help you, and then deliver it. When this is delivered on your own FlexiSail boat the benefits are magnified further still.

Specific Skills Days

Do take the opportunity to join in on our supplementary fun training programmes, limited to 4 members and an RYA Instructor. These include:

Man Overboard Recovery Days; Ladies Only Training Events; Mile Building (very valuable if you are wanting to move towards Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore); Night Pilotage and Night Sailing; Sail Handling and Sail Trim Days; Boat Handling Days – under power and berthing.

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