December 17th, 2015

Seafarer’s Dictionary Part 1

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Sailing vocabulary peppers the English language, with nautical terms being used or finding new senses with non-nautical people. It is quite amazing how much of our everyday vocab has maritime origins.

Below you will find part 1 of our very own Seafarer’s dictionary with original meanings and the landlubber definition:


Seafarer: above deck

Landlubber: out in the open, honest


Seafarer: not tied or secure all gear to be secured

Landlubber: acting or living without purpose


Seafarer: a heavy object that holds a vessel in place

Landlubber: a person or thing that figuratively keeps another person or thing steady


Seafarer: water level with or slightly covering the deck

Landlubber: overwhelmed


Seafarer: to throw out seawater or rainwater that has collected in a vessel

Landlubber: to abandon


Seafarer: stabilising weights placed in the hull of a vessel

Landlubber: something that steadies or weights down


Seafarer: a sailor without a berth on a shipboard assignment

Landlubber: someone who searches along the seashore for spoils


Seafarer: one’s position at sea

Landlubber: posture or deportment


Seafarer: a steering or berthing compartment

Landlubber: a pilot’s compartment in an aeroplane


Seafarer: the direction the ship is sailing

Landlubber: a procedure or way of acting


Seafarer: a directional movement of water

Landlubber: the prevailing mood or tendency


Seafarer: the direction the ship is sailing

Landlubber: one’s course in life or towards a destination


Seafarer: steering apparatus or to operate such equipment

Landlubber: a position of leadership or to lead


Seafarer: to drag a sailor underneath the ship along the hull as punishment

Landlubber: to severely punish


Seafarer: sideways movement of a vessel because of current or wind

Landlubber: flexibility

If you know of any more, then do drop us a line and we will add it to our collection. If you have found this interesting then look out for part 2, coming soon!