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View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

Sailing Fees Calculator

Our membership Sailing Fees Calculator is designed to help you work out your monthly or annual membership costs.  Your membership fee includes all the boat’s running costs, including insurance, berthing, maintenance, repairs etc.  Even the fuel and gas is included!  Please note that the level of membership access is based on a 2-month rotation, whereas the cost is per month.

Your only additional cost is for the ‘one-off’ 2-day induction, one day is spent familiarising yourself with your FlexiSail yacht or catamaran, the 2nd day is spent with an RYA instructor allowing you to become familiar boat handling and sailing your yacht.  This is booked in our time not yours (weekday).  With your induction completed, assuming that you are already qualified to Day Skipper Practical (tidal) or higher, you will then be free to book through our online booking system – iCalendar.

Our Price Calculator


However, if you are a novice, following on from the induction we will take you through your RYA training — a training programme designed for you and undertaken on your FlexiSail yacht and booked by you, ensuring that you are safe and competent before we ask you to take responsibility for your boat yourself.  Please click on our ‘Training’ page for more detailed information.

Our membership sailing fees represent phenomenal value when you compare them to the cost of owning a boat, and as a guideline are usually less than the berthing fees alone!


Our prices reflect the size of yacht or catamaran, the high specification level, quality of manufacturer, age of your boat, and our substantial commitment to fleet maintenance.  We locate our boats in the premier locations and top marinas.  FlexiSail is designed to give you the best possible sailing experience.

Our RYA Training Centre and year round active social programme combine to deliver a membership cost that represents unparalleled value.

Membership Fee Calculator

Below you will find our Membership Fee Calculator to help you work out your membership costs.  Please note that the level of membership access is based on a 2-month rotation, whereas the cost is per month.

All you need to do is to choose your preferred boat; choose your preferred membership level; and choose your preferred length of membership.  The calculator will do the hard work and provide you with the monthly cost inc vat.

Tick the annual payment box and the calculator will show you the saving for making annual lump sum payments.

All memberships are subject to availability and at certain times we have special offers running, so always call to verify if there are any savings available.

To view our prices please click the link below (opens in a new window, close to return)

Our Price Calculator

Money Back Guarantee

Please click to read our FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee

Liability and other costs

All costs to sail and stay in your marina are covered.  You are liable for costs when away from your home base such as overnight marina fees, although in many instances these are free too.

There is no joining fee or re-occurring annual charge, but when you first join we provide a 2-day induction, and this is charged separately along with a £300 one-off Wear and Tear cost.  Also, if you choose to pay monthly we hold £1,000, which is refunded on termination of membership, providing all accounts are up to date!

Your only other liability is the insurance excess of £2,000 inc vat. Talk to us further about our insurance.

Our standards

Regardless of what we do we believe in achieving the highest standards.

We actively encourage you to see for yourself the quality and standard of our boats as we believe you cannot fail to be impressed.  We achieve this through our structured and high level of planned preventative maintenance, and dedicated maintenance staff who will always go that extra mile.  Back at head office we have a dedicated member liaison and training member of staff and a dedicated social programme organiser.  This all adds up to a membership programme that sets us apart from all competitors.

Superbly maintained boats are of paramount importance as your safety should never be compromised.  You will find that all our boats exceed the already high standards required by the Marine Agency under their Code of Practice.  With a fleet having an average age of less than 3 years old, we believe that you will experience yachting at its best.

Our prices include vat, cooking gas and fuel, as well as all the obvious large costs of marina fees, maintenance and insurance. You have nothing else to pay and your commitment starts from just one year, with the flexibility to change boats and/or membership levels (subject to availability) during the year.

On renewal you will not only pay the same price (before vat) as the previous year, but you will also benefit from real savings in free Sea Miles, which can be spent through our Sea Miles Loyalty programme.

In real terms the longer you stay with FlexiSail the cheaper your yachting becomes!