Are you looking for access to a RIB but not looking for the hassle of boat ownership? FlexiSail Boat Club is for you!

FlexiSail have RIB’s available for you to explore the Solent and beyond. Our club members simply reserve a boat via our App, turn up during your reservation, access the boat’s keys themselves, and go boating. 

On your return, just take your items and hose the RIB off, then leave the rest to us. 

There are 4 membership plans available to you to choose from. These vary depending if you are looking for one-off day trips through our Pay-As-You-Boat membership, or our subscription plans Midweek, Weekend & Anytime which give you regular access each month for a fixed monthly fee.

Other membership benefits include access to the other FlexiSail boats, social events and training with our in-house sea school.

BBC HF G 9731

Boats Available


The newest member of the Brig Family, the Eagle 6.7 offers incredible open water performance, luxurious style, and Brig’s industry-leading quality. Retaining all the best features of its predecessor, the Brig Eagle 650, the Eagle 6.7 stands out from the class thanks to its newly developed deep ‘V’ hull, UV resistant Hypalon tubes and a stunning swept-back ski pillar.

The perfect family RIB, Fenna is built for long days on the water. Fast and responsive, this RIB provides exceptional comfort and fuel economy.

Fenna is based in Hamble but relocates to Poole for the months of May & July.

Join Today

To join, complete our joining form and pay the £495 joining fee. You’ll then be able to start booking your first fishing adventure.

frequently asked questions

What qualifications do i need?

All members require Powerboat Level 2 for the motor boats, together with your VHF certificate. If you haven’t got either, we can provide these as part of the joining process.

What extra charges are there above the membership fee?

After the joining fee, you pay the daily fee or membership fee and fuel used.

Our boats are fully insured, berthed, maintained and managed by us. You are of course responsible for your own overnight berthing costs when away from your home marina.

What is the insurance excess?

Initially you are liable for the first £2,000 for any incident. Should you not make any claims, this reduces to £1,500 after 1 year and then £1,000 for any subsequent years.

Can I bring guests?

Absolutely! Boating with guests is much of the pleasure, be it family, friends, colleagues or other members. Provided that you as ‘the named skipper member’ are on board, who you invite is entirely up to you.

What are the advantages of membership over ownership?

The advantage of FlexiSail membership is that it is clear cut and straightforward. You are simply paying for access to the asset.  So whilst you are gaining the ‘ownership ‘ experience, you are not buying it.

Membership is a great way to see if sailing is for you (dipping your toes in the water) at a known fixed cost. By comparison, owning a boat involves a significant financial commitment, which by its nature is long term, and the costs if you change your mind are huge!

FlexiSail membership provides the flexibility to move your membership to different boats, all of which are new or nearly new. It is the perfect solution for busy and time poor people who want to use their spare time sailing and not committing to looking after another expensive and depreciating asset!

Membership is a no risk straightforward fixed cost 12-month commitment.