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View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

FlexiSail Yacht and Catamaran Ownership  

If you would like to own your own boat to enjoy personal time sailing, but would like to eliminate the substantial costs of berthing, maintenance and renewals; have your boat professionally managed and cleaned; and avoid the time commitment necessary to look after your asset; then the option of ownership with FlexiSail could be your perfect solution.

With FlexiSail, not only do you get all the above, but you also receive a substantial guaranteed income every month of the year!

With most privately owned boats sitting unused for typically 11/12ths of the year, whilst continually depreciating, FlexiSail can offer you a much better solution where literally you can have your cake and eat it!

Call us now on 01590 688008 or email [email protected] for further information.

Advantages of placing your boat in flexiSail’s ownership programme:-

  • You will receive a substantial discount on the purchase of your yacht or catamaran
  • You will receive a guaranteed income every month of the year
  • Your boat will be professionally managed and maintained
  • All maintenance, renewals, and repair costs are covered
  • Fuel and cooking gas is free
  • The hassle, time commitment, worry, and costs of ownership are eliminated
  • You are guaranteed 42 sailing days a year, plus all additional sailing within 3 days is free
  • Your boat is only used by a few fully inducted and qualified members who treat your boat as their own
  • Your boat is ready when you are!

New Yacht Sales & Brokerage

Wanted! Owners for new yachts and catamarans, used boats within our fleet, and for boats at the end of their contract with FlexiSail. See our Yacht Brokerage page here.

Our yacht and catamaran brands

We work closely with Sea Ventures to make available the very latest Jeanneau yacht range. As a result we can pass onto you a substantial discount, and of course you will enjoy a healthy monthly income every month throughout the year.

Typically, our boats are new and stay with us for 5 or 6 years.  Occasionally a used boat will be considered where we see specific demand, but it will come with a reduced ownership package.

See our ‘Boats for Sale’ page where you will find example costings of new yachts and catamarans for sale within our programme with a full package of benefits, and fantastically well maintained used boats that are ready to leave our programme.  These are boats that have been better maintained and looked after than almost any private yacht you will find of the same age.

How are FlexiSail different?

We approach ownership very differently from any ‘charter type’ company whose basic premise is to charter to anyone, and keep the capital cost to maximise initial return.

This does not give the best sailing experience, nor in the longer term the best ROI when residuals and excessive wear and tear have been taken into account.

FlexiSail take new yachts and catamarans, spec them to a high private level, and maintain them to an exceptionally high standard. We then strictly control the small number of members that have access, whilst providing a supportive environment and in-house RYA training and ongoing personal development. ROI maximised!

To use a motoring equivalent, we are the ‘lease car’ of the marine industry, as opposed to the ‘office pool car’ offered by everyone else.

The effect

The net result is that you have a select few competent people who are fully inducted and qualified, who you personally know, and who develop a ‘pride of ownership’ in your boat. They are sailing your boat only, a yacht with which they are truly familiar and at home with.  Our members are not allowed to jump from yacht to yacht which they have no personal attachment to. It is, therefore, not surprising that our owners and members get a better sailing experience and owners see their asset value maintained with good resale values.

We cover all running costs during your boat’s time with us. This not only includes marina fees and insurance, but all work required on your boat whilst it is with us. Even the cost of fuel and cooking gas is included. This means that you have ZERO costs and your only consideration is the capital cost of the boat itself. Peace of mind is completed by our guaranteed income – income which is paid whether we are running a full boat or not.


You sail free, which most importantly includes high season. There is no loss of income by sailing in the summer in sharp contrast to the charter market.

Your boat is professionally managed by our dedicated in-house team who really care. In addition to our planned preventative maintenance programme, we utilise our bespoke iBosun embark and disembark software, which identifies issues in real time.  We don’t believe anyone matches our maintenance standards and to prove it we would be delighted to show you our boats.

The real cost of ownership is the difference between what you pay for the boat and what you can sell if for.  Therefore, having a boat and model that is popular and is better maintained than most private boats of the same age, reduces your true cost of ownership. Take away the running cost, which will typically add up to the capital cost again over 5 or 6 years, you have a seriously sensible way to own your own yacht or catamaran.

Ownership FAQs

Check out our frequently asked ownership questions!

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Our innovative boat share programme is able to offer you a large range of yachts and catamarans in the Solent based at Swanwick Marina on the Hamble River, The Yacht Haven Marina in Lymington, and in Poole at the Poole Quay Boat Haven.  We also a base on the East coast at Woolverstone (Ipswich).

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FlexiSail was a great help to me right from the outset. Miramar is my first 'owned yacht' and Richard Pierpoint at FlexiSail worked through the specification and MCA coding process with me - attending meetings with the yacht agent, helping with negotiations and marine finance and generally making the whole process of becoming an owner of a significant capital asset an absolute breeze. Richard gave me valued and practical advice on subjects ranging from deck and topside fittings; through choice of anchor, interior finish and marine electronics; to being present at the commissioning and handover (subsequently following through the 'snagging list' through to completion). FlexiSail's support throughout the acquisition process was invaluable to me as a first time buyer.

Miramar is at the end of her first season having logged some 2,500 Nm and I have been very pleased with the quality of the regular maintenance carried out by the FlexiSail team and the speed with which any issues arising have been dealt with. The issues get logged; I get a promise on when these will be dealt with and they get dealt with as per promise - you can't ask for more than that! One of my main objectives was to have worry free ownership and this really has been realised through the FlexiSail scheme. I am looking forward to the next four years.

- Mark Malitskie – Owner-member