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View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

The benefits of the FlexiSail approach to RYA training

We approach training completely differently from any other RYA sailing school you may have used or considered.  This is because our aims are different. We know that making up the numbers on a sailing course is not the way to skippering competently.  We NEED you to be a competent and safe skipper happy in your role of being responsible for an expensive yacht or catamaran and for the safety of those that sail with you.

We therefore set up our own RYA Training Centre, which is dedicated to member training.  We train you (and your friends and family) on a bespoke individual basis; on dates that suit you; on the yacht on which you are a member; at the pace you are comfortable with; and in short bursts of 2 or 3 day stints.  Why do we do it in this way?

Above all it is important to appreciate that there is no shortcut to competency, it requires the hours behind the wheel actually skippering – which is what we set out to do!

Engage your family or friends, build your skills and fun memories together on your own FlexiSail boat.

Starting to sail has never been easier with FlexiSail’s Mentored RYA Training Packages. As a FlexiSail member you have exclusive access to your own boat on which to carry out your training.

You are joining a supportive sailing community that makes sail training fun.

  • All packages are adaptable to suit your specific needs.  Ideally we train 2 or 3 people at a time.  Max 4 people
  • You book the boat out on dates that work for you and we provide the instructor
  • We use short bursts of training 2 or 3 days at a time, which ensures you remain fresh and get the maximum benefit from your training
  • We take you beyond traditional sailing school standards through more practise and time behind the wheel
  • Your family / group will progress and learn to sail as a ‘team’
  • You learn faster sailing your own FlexiSail yacht or catamaran and becoming familiar with the boat that you will be sailing once you are qualified
  • We provide a supportive and social sailing community which makes everything easier and more fun
  • You benefit from personal mentoring throughout your training
  • Our Yachtmaster Instructors are able to give you more personal attention, resulting in more practise and a greater depth of knowledge
  • You will achieve a higher level of confidence backed by your acquired skill set
  • We make learning a fun leisure activity
  • You will receive all the RYA certificates that you hoped to obtain through standard courses, only now you will be confident to use them!
  • You pay the day rate for the instructor, not per person, making FlexiSail training better value than any other way

Genoa (10 + 1 days)

Novice to Day Skipper
(up to 4 people)

This complete RYA Training Package is tailored to you if you have very little or no sailing experience.

We ensure that as a family or group you are happy day skippering in your local waters. You will be prepared, confident, happy and qualified as a RYA Day Skipper.

Your family/group can obtain their Competent Crew certificates while you train. Includes 10 +1 instructor days, theory, VHF, mentoring and syllabuses


Mainsail (8 + 1 days)

Competent Crew to Day Skipper
(up to 4 people)

The Mainsail RYA Training Package is designed for you if you have already done some sailing and are of a Competent Crew standard.

This package allows you to build on your existing skills and become a Day Skipper.

Your family/group can obtain their Competent Crew certificates while you train. Includes 8 +1 instructor days, theory, VHF, mentoring and syllabuses

Spinnaker (5 + 1 days)

Day Skipper / Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore Prep
(up to 4 people)

If you are already a Day Skipper and would like to refresh, hone or begin more challenging training, the Spinnaker RYA Training Package is sure to stretch your sailing skills. Learn with family or colleagues for added value. Includes 5 +1 instructor days, mentoring and syllabuses.

This course can also be used as an intensive route from Comp Crew to Day Skipper provided you are already up to speed with your theory.

Our Three standard RYA training packages designed for you to reach your sailing goals – no matter where you are starting from:

Package Genoa Mainsail Spinnaker
Targeted to Novice Sailors Competent Crew Sailors Competent / Day Skipper
Maximum numbers to be taught 2-4 2-4 2-4
Qualification to be achieved Competent Crew & Day Skipper Day Skipper Day Skipper Advanced

Training tailored to your needs
(* +1 day is the second day of your induction taken as an additional training day)

10(+1*) days 8(+1*) days 5(+1*) days
RYA Day Skipper Theory – Online 1 Place 1 Place No
VHF Radio Operators Course
(Excludes photo licence and exam @ £60pp payable to the RYA on the day)
1 Place 1 Place No
Personal One to One Mentoring, RYA G158 Log Books & Certificates Yes Yes Yes
Total Group Cost (not per person) £2,937 £2,448 £1,353
Monthly payment option
(3 equal payments)
£979 £816 £451
Sea Miles Voucher for Single Lump Sum Payment £90 £75 £40

*When you take out a FlexiSail Mentored RYA Training Package at the same time as your boat membership we will incorporate your second day of induction as part of your training, effectively adding +1 days of instruction to your RYA training package. This makes better use of your induction time, adding yet more value to your training/membership package.  The induction is charged separately.

Please treat these packages are templates to which we can add or subtract to exactly tailor your training to meet your needs and requirements. You can review your progress and pace during the training and add additional days as required.  Often less pressure means less stress which results in faster learning!

Our training is recognized as being the best in the industry by instructors and clients alike.

The Best in the Business

Our training is recognised as being the best in the industry by instructors and clients alike.  We are about maximising your skills, competence and safety in the shortest time scale, and all at a cost that represents fantastic value.  We know that this will give you the maximum enjoyment through your membership, as there is nothing worse than not feeling in control, and worse still having an accident with friends and family on board.

The Next Step

Call the FlexiSail Team on 01590 688008 or email to discuss and identify the most appropriate RYA training package which will best suit your needs. We would love to meet you and show you the many boat and membership options that we offer.  From there we can structure your membership and training to meet your needs, and in so doing give you the best possible value.

FlexiSail Training is the trading name of our own RYA Training Centre, which is dedicated to member training.

It’s up to you how far you go

Receiving the relevant training that you need is paramount to you making the most from your membership with FlexiSail. Our 3 great RYA Training Packages are just part of a comprehensive and coherent training solution for you to reach your sailing goals, whether it is Day Skipper, Competent Crew, Yachtmaster or yacht owner.

FlexiSail Training provides training events throughout the year, including individual skills days, theory, longer passages, ladies only weekends, combined training and social events.  Skills days include MOB (man overboard rescue with a life sized dummy), high line lift (Coast Guard helicopter), anchoring, sail trimming and more…

Visit our Flexisail Training website for detailed information of courses.

Please note you must be a member to book any course!

A huge thank you from both Anne and me for what was a brilliant three days of sailing and your, as ever, great coaching. We both learned much again which will set us on our way for another enjoyable season. We look forward to seeing you and your wife on the high seas. All good wishes, Anne and Jim

- Jim and Anne Goodbourn