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View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

What is Boat Share Membership?

It is the ‘ownership experience’ without all the costs and worries! What we mean by this is that FlexiSail is an affordable fixed cost way to enjoy having ‘your own’ fantastically well specced new or nearly new yacht or catamaran at your disposal throughout the year.  It is available for you to use week in, week out, throughout the year as your own.  Meanwhile we keep your boat fully serviced and maintained so that she is ready to sail when you are.

You become one of just a small handful of members who share the exclusive use of your yacht or catamaran – people that you will meet, get to know, and who may well become personal friends. There are no surprise bills as your membership covers everything from your home marina fees and maintenance.  In fact even the fuel and cooking gas is included!

Membership Levels

In total there are 9 levels of membership available, ranging from as little as 18 guaranteed days use to over 42 days a year, all of which are organised by you online.  With the number of members having access to your boat strictly controlled, and the maximum of 49 days in every 63 day booking rotation (9 weeks) bookable in advance, we also provide free use of your boat within 3 days when not booked.  As for value, even the more expensive memberships are usually less than the marina fees!


Social and Training Programme

Membership comes with much more than just access to a boat. Our inclusive year round professionally run social programme has something for everyone, including non-sailors.  Events include winter skiing, on the water day and weekend events, Round The Island Race, Cross Channel, Cowes Fireworks, Meet the Members days and Xmas dinner.  These are great meeting opportunities, lots of fun, and run at cost to add value to your membership.

We see training as vital to our members’ enjoyment as yachting is a lifelong learning process, even for the most experienced skippers.  FlexiSail Training is our in-house RYA Training School, which is dedicated to member training, providing the highest quality training on a bespoke basis on your own boat. This approach is the most cost effective way to train, obtain RYA qualifications, and build skills and confidence.

A quick summary of the benefits of FlexiSail Membership

  • the ‘ownership’ experience of your own well specced boat
  • fixed cost sailing for less than the cost of the marina fees
  • your boat is ready to sail when you are – you sail we do the rest
  • regular guaranteed sailing throughout the year based on your membership level
  • additional free sailing within 3 days
  • online iCalendar – free to cancel, move or swap bookings up to 12 months head
  • professionally run social programme, with 50-80 typically attending an event
  • in-house RYA bespoke and mentored training on your own boat, available from novice to Yachtmaster
  • a fully supportive structure and environment


A Time and Cost-effective Sailing Solution

FlexiSail boat share membership is very time and cost effective. Few people have the time to use their yacht or catamaran as much as they would like in order to justify ownership. Nor do most people have the inclination to spend their free time maintaining their boat, or paying the endless bills.  As a guide, owners typically spend more time working on their boats than they do sailing them!

With FlexiSail we make getting out on the water easier, more enjoyable, and less expensive.  We provide the opportunity for busy people to enjoy the luxury lifestyle on the water without it taking over their lives.


Membership Benefits

Modern and Well Maintained Fleet

There are two things which have more impact on the enjoyment of your sailing than anything else.  These are the quality of your boat and the standard of maintenance.

Our yachts and catamarans have an average age of just 3 years.  This ensures that you are sailing modern yachts with contemporary new gear that not only work, but which are a pleasure to use.  Every boat has a very high level of specification of equipment and comfort to provide you with the best possible yachting experience.  Yes, our boats are more sophisticated than the normal charter boat, but as one of a small handful of members regularly using her you will learn to get the best out of your yacht and appreciate the difference. It really is like ‘ownership’ without buying.

Maintenance, even on new boats, is essential. We have a dedicated full time team whose main focus is to ensure that the highest levels of maintenance are maintained.  Much is pre-planned preventative maintenance, but we are also active in the marinas dealing with everything and anything that happens.  Our online iBosun allows our members to report issues ‘on the fly’, even whilst sailing, allowing an even faster response time.  We don’t believe that anyone matches the standards that we maintain our fleet to, and indeed our objective to keep all our boats looking like new.

We have a wide ranging fleet which we are immensely proud of and would love to show you.  The moment that you step on board we know that you will be impressed. Meanwhile please view our fleet that ranges from 32 to 40 feet for Jeanneau, Dufour, Solona and Fountaine Pajot.

Fun and Supportive Boating Community

FlexiSail are a truly supportive and enjoyable community with which to enjoy your sailing experiences.  It adds an important and often overlooked fun element of yachting, which is totally absent when chartering.

Our office and maintenance staff are all knowledgable sailors in their own right and are here to help, advise, and ensure that you get the most out of your membership with us. As so many of our testimonials prove – we are always prepared to go that extra mile!

At FlexiSail you have access to our professionally organised social events throughout the year. Whilst the cost is small – we run them at cost –  they are a fantastic way to meet other like minded people and others that are at the same stage as yourself or who have recently been there.  It means those who are not deeply into sailing such as partners, children and friends will, as well as yourself, come away with a big smile on their faces! You will all have met new sailing friends and had a better time than you thought possible.

Our social events cover everything from winter skiing to UK sailing.  With large numbers attending of typically 50-80 members, our social events are high on many members’ priorities.

FlexiSail Training - Bespoke RYA personal training to Day Skipper and beyond

You have your yacht, you have a fun, social, and supportive company and network in which to enjoy your sailing. The missing part is training!

FlexiSail Training provides the personal and bespoke training that you need to gain the skill, confidence, and qualifications for you to make the most of your time on the water.  There is NO SHORTCUT to competency.  Spending time skippering and taking the decisions, as well as having time behind the wheel practising, are the only way to become safe, competent and to have the confidence of those that sail with you.

We know that personal tuition in short bursts of 2 or 3 days at a time, on your own yacht or catamaran, done at your own pace as a small group (family or friends) is the most cost effective way to learn and reach your goal. It is very much like learning to drive and having access to your own car – you will get there faster, be more experienced, and be more competent.

FlexiSail Loyalty Sea Miles

Enjoy our loyalty card and benefit from substantial savings on a range of things from clothing to restaurants, from visitor mooring fees to holiday insurance.  Members also receive Sea Miles, which can be redeemed against FlexiSail training, and social events.  It is our way of rewarding your support and loyalty.

Membership Options

Choose between our three types and nine levels of boat share membership to match your time available and your budget.  You could be out on the water on your ‘own’ boat before you know it and at less than the cost of the marina fees!

Provides you with the best of all worlds and is the greatest value boat share membership option with the most flexibility when booking.  You receive both midweek and weekend sailing, plus extensive access to free ‘last minute’ (within 3 days) weekend and midweek sailing.

A FlexiSail Anytime membership ranges from a guaranteed 2 weekend days and 4 weekdays (6 days) to 2 weekend days and 6 week days (8 days) in any 2 month (8 or 9 weeks) booking rotation, plus free last minute weekend and midweek usage when the boat is not booked.

A popular membership for those that are able to take time off during the week and have the luxury of being able to avoid the weekends!  You receive midweek sailing, plus access to free ‘last minute’ (within 3 days) midweek sailing.

A FlexiSail Midweek membership ranges from 3 midweek days to 5 midweek days in any 2 month (8 or 9 weeks) booking rotation, plus free last minute midweek usage when the boat is not booked.


This is the most popular membership type aimed at providing long weekends on board, recognising that if you are limited to mainly weekend sailing you are not buying midweek time that you cannot use.  You receive weekend sailing with limited midweek access to allow long weekends, plus access to free ‘last minute’ (within 3 days) weekend and midweek sailing.

A FlexiSail Weekender membership ranges from a guaranteed 2 weekend days and 1 weekday (3 days) to 2 weekend days and 3 week days (5 days) in every 2 month (8 or 9 weeks) booking rotation, plus free last minute weekend and midweek usage when the boat is not booked.

Membership FAQs

Check out our frequently asked membership questions!

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FlexiSail Locations

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The level of customer service provided by FlexiSail is outstanding. In a world where companies often forget who the customer is, FlexiSail always put the customer first. Everyone has the same goal at heart – to make sure members receive great service and have a super sailing experience!

- Alison Snelling - Owner-member