December 13th, 2016

Meet a Member – Len and Alison Snelling – FlexiSail Yacht Owner

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Meet a Member – Our members are what make FlexiSail such a success – but who are they?

Len and Alison Snelling – FlexiSail Yacht Owner

Len and Alison were long-term members of FlexiSail and had immensely enjoyed their time sailing on Songbird, but the urge to own their own boat had never gone away. Following Len’s retirement, they decided the time was right. Having spent time as members, they not only knew intimately how the FlexiSail programme worked, but they had also had an opportunity to look around the fleet and see which size and type of boat would suit them best. Settling eventually on a Dufour 335, they purchased Squibble in late 2015.

With Alison still working, they don’t have as much time as they would otherwise like to make the use of their shiny new toy, so FlexiSail Ownership works perfectly for them.
In a few years time when Alison can hang up her work hat for good, they will have a beautiful boat to occupy their summers. In the meantime, James, our Fleet Manager, does all the hard work for them and FlexiSail pay them a very useful year-round income, and pay the berthing and other running costs!

“Since joining FlexiSail we have had a great time developing our sailing skills and enjoying super socials with like-minded people. All the team at FlexiSail are professional, passionate, knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to be an Owner-Member with them managing our lovely boat” Alison Snelling