December 13th, 2016

Meet a Member – Don McQueen – Past yacht owner, but missing his sailing…

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Meet a Member – Our members are what make FlexiSail such a success – but who are they?

Don McQueen – Past yacht owner, but missing his sailing

Don was a boat owner as he had assumed that he would have more flexibility to sail whenever he wanted compared to chartering, where his sailing time would be governed by boat availability. The reality was that he sailed LESS! Without pre-planning other things got in the way, and when he was able to sail there was always something to sort out on the boat first.

Since selling and joining FlexiSail, his sailing time is now booked into his diary well in advance, meaning he actually uses his time on the boat rather than putting it off to another time when he is less busy, which is, well, never! Of course, the fact that he no longer has to worry about the maintenance on the boat is also a bonus!
Don is typical of many owners who sell their boats as they were not sailing enough to justify the costs of ownership. Having discovered FlexiSail Don now enjoys the ‘ownership’ experience without the responsibility, and at a fraction of the cost, of owning his own yacht. Time to relax!

“With a hectic life, it’s just wonderful to relax on “my” boat, which I can do because the FlexiSail system takes all the stress away!” Don McQueen