December 13th, 2016

Meet a Member – Anne Weir – The only sailor in the family…

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Meet a Member – Our members are what make FlexiSail such a success – but who are they?

Anne Weir – The only sailor in the family

Anne first joined FlexiSail in 2012, sharing her membership with her friend Lizzie with whom she had completed the circumnavigation of the world with the 2001 BT Global Challenge. Both wanted to refresh their sailing skills and gain more experience as skippers.

Anne renewed her membership with Flexisail in 2015 sharing Lyra with another friend Simon. They took on a Spinnaker mentored training package so Simon could refresh his Day Skipper and Anne could continue working towards her Yachtmaster. Simon has subsequently moved down to Cornwall and, with his renewed confidence, has bought his own boat.

Determined not to lose out on sailing opportunities, Anne has continued her membership. Through participation in social and training events, Anne has met like-minded people among other FlexiSail members and FlexiCrew, ensuring that she can find crew when short of willing hands among close friends and colleagues.

“Flexisail means we can make the most of our time out on the water together. My confidence has grown and I’m looking forward to discovering new sailing opportunities in the year ahead.” Anne Weir