Flexisail’s Unique Social Events

We believe that our social events are fundamental to you as a member getting the most out of your sailing and is a great way to engage your whole family and friends.

We also believe that FlexiSail should be as enjoyable and family inclusive as possible, so we organise a number of social events throughout the year. You can choose to ‘dip in’ or ‘out’ of any of the social events as you please.

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Our social events programme adds another dimension to your membership. FlexiSail is full of fun, interesting and like minded people, and having the opportunity to meet the other members on your boat is often high on a member’s priority list.

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As a result of meeting on the social events, many of our members are now sailing together, and in some cases they have moved boats so they can accumulate time together! It can also be a great way to gently introduce your spouse, partner or children to sailing in a friendly and fun way.

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When you know other FlexiSail members who are out on their boats at the same time as you, it adds another element to your sailing. Arranging to meet up in a cove or sailing in company is just enjoyable and engaging.