What is FlexiSail Boat Club?

Flexible, affordable membership ON YOUR OWN BOAT that you can use as if IT IS your own.

It really is the next best thing to owning a boat, without any worry or hassle. No longer do you need to buy a boat to enjoy the benefits of ownership.

We have three membership levels available to you, each giving you a certain number of days boating during the year. Your time is guaranteed; we limit member numbers so you will always be able to reserve your days.

Membership is simple. A joining fee payable to all new FlexiSail members followed by your membership fee paid monthly or annually.  If you choose to pay annually, you will receive a 3% discount.

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Guaranteed Boating Days

Depending on the membership type chosen (Anytime, Weekend, or Midweek) you receive a guaranteed allocation of time from 18 to 36 days per year that you can book on your boat. We can guarantee it because we use 2-month booking ‘rotations’, typically 9 weeks long,

We then allow members to join until 7 weeks per 2-month ‘rotation’ are taken. This leaves some 14 days free in every booking rotation for maintenance, weather days or last minute bookings.

Therefore even at the height of the season your guaranteed allocation of boating days are always available.

With FlexiSail you are always guaranteed to be able to book your boating days.

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Simple Booking System

Fundamental to FlexiSail’s success is our substantial investment in our App which has a bespoke online calendar booking programme that ensures that each members’ sailing time is guaranteed, even in high season, and that the boat’s usage is shared fairly between all members.

At FlexiSail, we believe in fairness and our sophisticated ‘state of the art’ booking system is designed to be flexible and easy to use. FlexiBook also gives a wealth of relevant information including tidal and weather information, statistics, FlexiCrew, and news. It allows you to book on a mobile, tablet, PC or Mac, and of course everything is in real time.

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Cancel & Change Bookings

We know that by planning ahead you will sail more and get better value from your membership. It is a myth to believe that by having your own boat you will sail more – too many other things will fill your diary! Full marinas 350 days a year testify to this! Our members sail more than most private owners simply because they plan ahead.

FlexiBook allows you to make, cancel, swap or exchange time with other members at any time, up to 12 months ahead. If your plans change or the weather is unsuitable, you simply change your dates. The only caveat is that this flexibility is constrained to within each 2 month (9 week) booking ‘rotation’, and cancellations should be more than 5 days before the start of your booking.

Steps to join

1. Browse

Take a look at our selection of boats and determine which one is the best fit for you. Factors to take into account include the number of cabins, the location, whether it is motorised or sail-powered, and the length of the boat.

2. Apply

To become a FlexiSail member, all you need to do is complete the membership application. If you require any additional training, you can indicate this on the application form as optional extras.

3. Go Boating!

Once you have filled out the joining form and been accepted into the boat club, we will contact you to schedule your boat induction. After that, you can start planning your first trip!