May 8th, 2023

FlexiSail support Independent Lifeboats

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Following King Charles III Coronation, the 8th of May 2023 marks the beginning of an incentive King Charles has introduced called The Big Help Out.
Nikki and James Walker, Director’s of FlexiSail, are strong advocates for Independent Lifeboats and the vital role they play in saving lives at sea. As part of their commitment to this cause, they actively support Hamble Lifeboat and volunteer their time and resources to fundraise and assist the organisation in any way they can. Their dedication to independent lifeboats is a testament to their passion for maritime safety and their belief in the importance of community support.
Not many people are aware of Independent Lifeboat’s and assume that they are RNLI. In fact, in the Solent alone there are 5 Independent Lifeboat stations covering Southampton water and the Solent: Hamble Lifeboat, Gosport And Fareham Inshore Rescue Service, Portsmouth Lifeguards (Portsea Rescue), Ryde Inshore Rescue Service, and Solent Rescue Lifeboat.
Unlike the RNLI, Independent Lifeboats operate without government funding. This is why the Directors of FlexiSail are proud to support independent lifeboats like Hamble Lifeboat. Despite their independence, these lifeboats work closely with the RNLI and other emergency services such as the Maritime Coastguard Agency, Fire Service, Ambulance, and Police to ensure the safety of those at sea.
If you would like to find out more about Independent Lifeboat services in the UK, please visit the National Independent Lifeboat Association.