Questions? Look no further.

Many of the common questions people ask are here below. We have worked hard to make our web site as informative as possible but if you have any questions that are not answered here or elsewhere on the site do give us a call.  We will be delighted to provide you with any additional information you are looking for.

Do also consider meeting us and seeing some of our fleet. There is nothing like stepping on board to see how it all works.

What are the advantages of FlexiCharter over buying a boat?

Boat ownership is expensive and time consuming. Whilst its great for people wanting to go sailing weekly, it isn’t cost effective for many of us who want to go occasionally. That is where FlexiCharter can benefit you!

Membership is a straightforward £30 per month cost plus your daily fee, with no more commitment.

What qualifications and experience do I need to join?

All our members must hold RYA Powerboat Level 2 for the motor boats, and Day Skipper for the sailing yachts.

We also require a VHF licence and full driving licence.

I don't hold those qualifications, how do I attain them?

You can complete your training through our sister company FlexiSail. One of the benefits of training with FlexiSail is they can mentor you on the boat you want to take out.

Simply get in touch to find out the available dates and costs.

How do you guarantee I'll be able to get a boat?

We limit member numbers to ensure there is availability for you.

What is the insurance excess?

You are liable for the first £2,000 incl. VAT.

Normally incidents happen in the marina and the cost charged to you is the net cost of repairing the damage, usually done in-house to limit the costs. Most importantly, we deal with the hassle of dealing with third parties and any damage to their boat.

Is shared membership possible?

Unfortunately not, each boat user must have their own membership for insurance purposes.

Can I bring guests on board?

Absolutely! When you reserve a boat, you can invite who you’d like as long as you don’t exceed the maximum numbers allowed on the boat.