Round Britain Adventure Sail

25/07/2023 - 06/08/2023

Event Details

For the first time we are planning to run a boat around Great Britain (via the Caledonian Canal). This adventure will be divided into 6 legs of 7 days each.

Members will have the opportunity to sign up for single individual legs or a number with a discount applied for those brave souls who would like to opportunity to undertake the whole voyage!

Leg 1 – Hamble to Hull (314 nm)

Leg 2 – Hull to Inverness (380 nm)

Leg 3 – Inverness to Oban (120 nm)

Leg 4 – Oban to Whitehaven (168 nm)

Leg 5 – Whitehaven to Plymouth (386 nm)

Leg 6 – Plymouth to Hamble (136 nm)

All mileage approximate and it will be at the discretion of the skipper as to Vessel’s routing

Overall, this is a voyage of just over 1,500 nm – although it’s expected to log more than this. Those looking for sea miles I’d suggest the East coast passages plus the Whitehaven to Plymouth. For those looking for scenic thrills I’d suggest Legs 3 & 4. We finish with a sail along the whole of the English Channel.

Crews will be accompanied by a YM Instructor. Each Instructor will be with the boat for 14 days

Members will be required to organise their own transportation to join ship and to get themselves and their kit home. We have placed leg hand overs at Ports which have good rail connections to London. Car share might also be a possibility where inbound crew hands over car to homebound crew?