13th May 2023

£85 per person (under 16’s are free)

We wanted an opportunity to introduce some of our younger members (and their friends) to sailing the High Seas. We are planning an adventure to Newtown Creek where we will ferry little crew mates’, over to the west sandy spit at the entrance, where we will have set up a BBQ complete with chef which is included in the cost!

If you have, or know of any children that might enjoy a beach picnic in the beautiful harbour of Newtown, complete with a treasure hunt, then please come and join us.

Additionally we will be giving a prize for the best dressed ship and also for the best pirate.



09:30 Depart Hamble

12:00 Estimated arrival time at Newtown Creek

13:30 BBQ starts

17:00 Depart Newtown Creek

19:00 Estimated arrival back to Hamble


Key skills

Passage planning

Treasure hunting

Logged sea miles gained: 22NM

DJI 0964