Points-Based Scheme

Our Sea Miles points scheme is a requirement for our Pay-As-You-Boat members. It helps to spread the cost of booking our boats throughout the year. For a fixed monthly fee, you receive an allocation of points onto your account, which can be used against any booking.

Each Sea Mile is equivalent to £1 giving you effectively 20% off all boat bookings, as well as training and social events.

Our points scheme is the ultimate solution for those seeking to manage their boating expenses, allowing you to spread the cost throughout the year. With this remarkable system, you can embark on your boating adventures without worrying about upfront fees.

Sea Miles have no expiry and can be used at any time.

Packages Available

Inshore: £100/month giving 120 points/month

Coastal: £300/month giving 360 points/month

Offshore: £500/month giving 600 points/month