One Membership, Two Boats

Are you interested in joining FlexiSail but would like access to more than one boat? Or perhaps your a member who uses one of the motor boats through Pay-As-You-Boat but would like more regular access?

FlexiSail now offer multi-boat plans. This is available to all members, giving you the option to add a second boat to your membership for no extra monthly fee.

How it Works

As a FlexiSail member, you can move 6 midweek days per year from your ‘home’ boat to a second boat. Your membership fees will remain the same with the only charge a one-off induction fee of £275.

All members will require RYA Powerboat Level 2 as a minimum for the motor boats; if you don’t hold this, we have regular training courses you can book.

Can I add more than 2 boats to my plan?

Unfortunately not, it is structly limited to 1 sailing yacht, 1 motor boat per member.

What happens to my last minute allocation?

All members receive last minute allocation. This remains with your primary sailing yacht.

Can I change my motor boats?

No, it is fixed for the duration of your contract. Upon renewal you can then change the motor boat, or remove the motor boat entirely.

Am I able to add an extra sailing yachts instead of a motor boat?

Not at the present, but we are exploring this option for the future.

Can I just rent a motor boat for the day?

Yes; all members can access FlexiCharter and reserve any boat there for a daily charter fee.