Getting out on the water can be very exciting and full of adventures

As a member of FlexiSail, there are many additional advantages than just getting afloat. We have created a membership tier where the more days you add to your membership, the better the benefits.

All membership prices listed on our website are for the ‘Cruiser’ membership tier. You can then upgrade for a fixed monthly fee to add additional boating days to your membership and with this, there are extras such as PureGym membership and a Family National Trust membership.

New upgrade features are being added all the time making FlexiSail the complete lifestyle membership!

Upgrade Fee Included £75/month £130/month
Extra Boating Days - 1 2
Discount on PAYB Bookings - 5% 10%
Sail Aegean Discount 20% 20% 20%
Sail Ionian Discount 5% 5% 5%
Sailing Today Subscription -
PureGym Membership - -
Keylock Fob - -
National Trust Membership - -
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