What is FlexiCharter

For a £30 per month membership fee, you will have access to our fleet of sailing yacht, motor boats, and RIB’s from any location. FlexiCharter offers you an alternative to conventional chartering, where you’re looking for more of a boat ownership experience without the cost or hassle. Use any of our boats like they’re your own boat, and at the end of the day, give the keys back! Boats have a set daily, weekend and week-long fee, motor boats exclude the cost of fuel used.

With a wide range of boats from sailing yachts, motor boats, and RIB’s berthed at various locations, members have unlimited access to any of the boats at any location.

Advantages of FlexiCharter include,

Access to the entire fleet
Boat ownership experience without the cost or hassle
Introduction into subscription boating
Flexible to meet your lifestyle
Point system for discounted charters
Annual social events & training

Our sailing and motor boat brands

We have a wide range of boats available for you to book, from sailing yachts, offshore motor boats, RIB’s and fishing boats.

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Want to learn more?

View our dedicated website to learn more and join.