View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

View, download, or request our NEW 2020 brochure + FREE Guide to affordable yachting

FlexiSail Benefits

We realise that there should be much more to yachting than just access to a yacht.  Yachting should be a sociable activity that needs to cater to everyone, not just the ‘sailor’.  By engaging everyone you have a more enthusiastic crew and generations enjoy being together.  Additionally, sailing always involves additional costs from gear to buy, to simply eating and drinking at locations you visit.

Therefore, to increase the value of your membership, we run a comprehensive Social Programme throughout the year.  We have a Sea Miles Loyalty Programme that both gives you valuable discounts where you will be spending money in any event, and gives you free Sea Miles.  Sea Miles that you can spend on a wide range of clothing, RYA courses, personal instruction and skills days, and our socials and more…

Social Events

Our social events are all about having fun with your friends and family, enjoying the company of others that are of similar mind, and doing and seeing things that you most likely would have missed out on if you were sailing on your own.  Members also learn much from each other and through meeting at our social events lifetime sailing friends are regularly made.

Best of all, at FlexiSail we see our socials as providing a benefit of membership and charge them at cost.  This means, for example, our 4 day cross Channel costs around 1/3rd of commercial rates.

With events throughout the year and such as skiing in the Spring, there is much to enjoy should you wish to.

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Sea Miles Loyalty Card

At FlexiSail we want you to get the most out of your membership with us and enjoy every moment of your sailing experience.

We believe that the quality of your experience is not just about the time you spend out on the water sailing, but extends to time spent in port.  This may be your ‘home’ port or one which you visit on your travels.  We have, therefore, teamed up with an Ionian charter company, retailers, restaurants, insurers and much more to save you money on your purchases.  Just show your membership card and the discounts and special offers are yours every time.

Sea Miles are given free to members during the year, but also at annual renewal.  Collected and accumulated Sea Miles can then be spent in a number of ways be it on products, our training skill set days, training courses, or our socials. It is our way of saying thank you to you as a member and giving you some valuable and useful benefits.

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FlexiSail not only provide a great product but also add something extra in the way of opportunities for members to socialize and get even more enjoyment out of membership.

- Tony Taylor