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FlexiSail is the next best thing to owning a boat without the cost or the hassle of ownership. Our concept – ownership without buying – means you no longer need to buy a boat to enjoy the luxury of getting out on the water.

When you join FlexiSail, you become a member on a specific boat with only a handful of other members. Each member is guaranteed between 18-36 boating days per year depending which membership plan is chosen plus last minute bookings in addition.

Not only do you get to experience the lifestyle boating has to offer, you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your profound passion for the water.

Our headquarters are in Hamble but we also have boats in Lymington and Plymouth.

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Each member is guaranteed to be able to book their boating time. We break the year into 2-month ‘rotations’ and limit the number of members to ensure that in each rotation, you are guaranteed to be able to book your boating days.

There are four membership levels to choose from and the number of members per boat depends what each member signs up to, however the boat never becomes over subscribed.

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With FlexiSail, you can be assured of the best marinas in beautiful locations. All our marinas have 24 hour tidal access, shore facilities, free parking and are convenient to access. You literally step out of your car, onto the pontoon and onto your boat! Restaurants and pubs are immediately on your doorstep or a very short walk away.

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Some of our happy FlexiSail Boat Club members

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We were hugely impressed by FlexiSail Boat Club … the attention we received…with no pressure to try and get us to commit - which I imagine does happen with some other companies.

- Sue Kenward
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It was a real pleasure to be part of the team aboard Issamella II for the last 24 hours and I was most impressed with the organisation by Bee and Adrian that made the whole event enjoyable for everyone. And Adrian gave us all a flawless demonstration of just how a potentially difficult berthing in a relatively large vessel in a confined space at night should be accomplished that was a delight to witness

- Tim Gedge