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Initial Impressions

Sue Kenward - We were hugely impressed by FlexiSail … the attention we received…with no pressure to try and get us to commit - which I imagine does happen with some other companies.

Kevin Tolcher – highly professional, highly adaptive.

Dave Petitt - One of the primary factors in my decision to go with Flexisail was their commitment and concern to get things right for their members.

Personal Service

Darren Standing – FlexiSail recognise the different abilities of members and provide guidance and support to enable maximum value from membership.

Joseph Keenan - The attention to detail is second to none and all members are extremely well looked after in their own personal way.

Terry Bufton - I feel as a customer of Flexisail that I am treated as a special individual by the management team. A real family feel even though we are all obviously part of a professionally run business.

Nick Drew – FlexiSail provides such a high level of personal service. I have never received anything less than perfect service – I can think of no ways in which they could provide a better service.

Added Value

Tony Taylor - FlexiSail not only provide a great product but also add something extra in the way of opportunities for members to socialize and get even more enjoyment out of membership.

Terry Bufton - Flexisail provide value added services with the extracurricular activities which engender team spirit between the members and make sailing really enjoyable.

Amanda Otway - FlexiSail are very sociable and proactive. They are always thinking of ways to improve the experience of their members.

Boat Maintenance

Paul Haines - The boats are always maintained to the highest possible standard and any problems are dealt with immediately and efficiently.

Richard Hopkins – The standard that Flexisail keep their boats in is second to none.

Dave Sturgess - When there have been issues with my boat the team have always been willing to do whatever it takes to resolve the problems.

Great Customer Service

Richard Chappell - FlexiSail always give the impression that nothing is too much, they proactively look to accommodate wherever they can.

Martin Watson - I have always found that they respond positively to any challenges.

Julian Richardson - FlexiSail excel in all areas of customer service. Nothing is too much trouble.

Richard Pearson - Flexisail go to great lengths to answer your questions, any time of the week!

Jon Milne - The team at FlexiSail take customer service very seriously. This comes across both in their communication but also their actions.

Alison Snelling – The level of customer service provided by FlexiSail is outstanding. In a world where companies often forget who the customer is, FlexiSail always put the customer first.

Dave Sturgess - The ‘extra mile’ is that all the staff at Flexisail are very focused on creating a great experience for owners and members. They will always do whatever is needed.

Joanne James - Flexisail provide a very friendly service, nothing is too much trouble.

Jeremy Botha – Uniform friendliness and approachability – one never feels like a customer, more like a friend. FlexiSail are consistently pleasant to deal with – a rarity in the modern world.


Andrew McLean - Just a short note to thank you very much for a terrific course last week. We all enjoyed learning with you and are all set to make a start as a sailing family. Thanks in particular for your patience with the kids - despite needing some 'down time' occasionally with a DVD, they also had a great time. Of course, we were all delighted to come away flushed with success in getting our Day Skipper and Competent Crew 'qualifications'.  We will put our new-found skills into practice this weekend and hope not to embarrass ourselves (or our erstwhile instructor!) by crashing into the pontoons!

Nigel Lane - Thank you very much indeed for a really excellent day. I learned a lot and feel much more confident to handle the boat in the marina. Thanks for being so patient, helpful and understanding with us.

Denise Carr - Thank you very much for arranging the training yesterday with Matt.
The day was a huge success and we all thoroughly enjoyed it but also got a lot out of it too. I feel far more confident in my abilities. I would personally like you to pass on my thanks to Matt for his patience. He was extremely thorough and calm and a pleasure to have as an instructor.

Simon Rooney - I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed my two days out and about on The Audrey this week - I feel like a real boatie! (I don't know what the right word is...) I have to applaud Rupert for his amazing instruction, and how much I appreciate the calm and quiet way in which he instills confidence....he is a real asset.

Social Events

Spring Folly

Sally-Ann & Stephen  Roberts - Slightly belated thank you but wanted to say how much we enjoyed last Saturday and it was lovely to spend some time sailing with you and Richard. Enormous thanks for organising the day and we are very much looking forward to the cross channel crossing. Also looking forward to being on the boat today and tomorrow - how lucky are we!!


Summer Social

David Macdonald - We had an absolutely fantastic time at the Beat the Buoys event.  Lesley and I were both a bit apprehensive, but we had a great time on the sails on Saturday and Sunday and met a bunch of new friends. I am certain that the event took an amazing amount of organisation on your part - glad we are FlexiSail people!

Pip and James Crowley - WOW, what can we say but thank you for such a fantastic weekend. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and you could not have picked a nicer family for us to share it with. The children got on famously and I feel we have made some very good friends. We are even talking about booking up a date for us to sail together again. This is what it is all about!!

Anyway, thank you once again for organising such a great time.


Round the Island Race

Peter Joseph - Just a quick note to say thanks for inviting me to be First Mate on Small Libation for the Round the Island Race and for the rather excellent steak dinner Friday. It was great fun and it went without a hitch.

Adrian is a great skipper and hopefully the combination of his calm, collaborative approach and my enthusiasm created an environment that everyone enjoyed. Getting round in 7:27:11 was rather better than any of us had expected, especially with an un-bounded team, and is testament to the way that FlexiSail develops it’s members' skills. Everyone played a part.

Phil Woods - Firstly I would like to say how enjoyable this weekend was. I would also like you to pass on my thanks to Adrian, who is a credit to the company and his profession, his seamanship and skills in skippering 12 sailors who had not sailed together as a crew until friday lunchtime is nothing short of miraculous given the result of the race!


Cowes Fireworks

Tim Gedge - It was a real pleasure to be part of the team aboard Issamella II for the last 24 hours and I was most impressed with the organisation by Bee and Adrian that made the whole event enjoyable for everyone.


Ski Trip

Anne Weir – A huge thank you again for all your hard work making the trip to Vaujany such a success despite the weather’s best efforts. Great company, lovely chalet, superb food, and some really good skiing. Just the tonic I needed

Membership & Customer Service

Mark & Audrey Payne - It is difficult to express our appreciation of the value that Team FlexiSail has added to our lives. 2015 was mad year for us as we faced the challenges that I know you are aware of.  I want to thank you for your flexibility and understanding in tweaking and accommodating us into your programme.  We have loved our time with FlexiSail and Audrey and I are both sad that there are probably more things we could and should have done in the future with you guys that the purchase of Grace will curtail.

FlexiSail has provided us with access and an accelerated learning curve that we believe has been an important part of us moving towards and understanding boat ownership more fully.

We run a business and we know that the reality of the "swan seen gliding" is actually a mass of hidden paddling beneath the surface but know your culture has done us good. Richard and Sue: Character is leadership and we have huge respect for your ethos and approach. Bee and Suze, you are both a credit to your own motivations and values and FlexiSail should be (and I am sure are) proud to have you aboard!  With Adrian and James.... what a team!


Steve Giggs - I joined Flexisail having already completed RYA training up to Coastal Skipper but needed a way of building up my experience as skipper. It's not too difficult to build up miles as crew but getting experience to take you up to Yachtmaster needs you to take command of a yacht on a regular basis. I had some doubts about my ability to make the step but taking out a Midweek membership with Flexisail allowed me to build up nearly 1200 miles as skipper over two years of membership and prove to myself I could do it. Flexisail proved a great way to achieve some of my goals whilst having some great sailing and making many new friends. The programme allows you to sail modern exceptionally well maintained craft whilst knowing the costs up front. An additional benefit of the membership is the well organised sailing and social events which allow you to make new sailing friends and find additional crew if needed. Sue and Richard prove their commitment to providing a great service by being at most of the events and are always available along with the instructors and the rest of their team for support and advise.


Bill Walker - So I’ve come back after an enforced 8 year break, to give my family a riverside days out facility and to get some sailing for me in before I’m too decrepit.

Before, I had good income but little time. This time I have no time as a 24/7 carer and obviously little money. Not much chance I’d own and run a fully maintained yacht then. I did look around at alternatives but I’m SO glad we’ve come back.  You guys have come of age, your independent Flexisail club is even better than your last venture.  Your support teams are friendly and ultra-supportive and also manage not to make the less experienced of us feel small or embarrassed.  Everything seems to have been thought about. Even your welcome pack had a feel of quality.  The “on-boarding” process is practised and efficient but relaxed. A great idea, 2-way familiarisation.

The Catamarans.

Cats did not cross my mind until your Open Day. What sold me was the segregated “ground floor” “passenger” daytime accommodation that is great for the less agile.  Loads of indoor light, comfort and space all in complete safety.  With the sailing activity completely separate up on deck nobody (including the mobility challenged) can be inadvertently sitting in the way of operations.  Melodie is a boat that can one day be a caravan break, pootling sedately around the river with my disabled lad and the next provide exciting coastal sailing for me.  Vivien the landlubber likes that it will never heel and spill her wine.

Flexicrew is great.  So as a lone wannabe sailor with a lot of responsibility below deck, how do I sail safely and enjoyably?  Flexicrew! They don’t cost anything and have either similar experience (“caravan days mooring”) or skilled mentors are available.  Perfect.

The unformatted induction/training days have been great for regaining confidence, getting safe on the water (MOB), close manoeuvring (pontoon bashing) and learning the difference with mono hull handling.


Jonathan Pegler – One of the main challenges of boat ownership for me has been the day-to-day maintenance and care of my boat as I live a distance away from the Solent. FlexiSail provide peace of mind with their highly professional organisation.  All aspects of boat ownership are taken care of, particularly daily boat-keeping, regular routine servicing and unscheduled maintenance.

The membership scheme ensures that a limited number of vetted and regular members only use the boat.  Members feel an element of ownership themselves and look after all aspects of usage much better than normal charterers.  ‘Siriana’ looks newer every time I get a chance to take her out.  The booking system and a fixed number of members means that I rarely cannot go out for a cruise when I want to.

Sue and Richard are a pleasure to deal with and work hard to make the experience of being an owner or member highly enjoyable and sociable.

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