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Sea Miles Loyalty Card

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Loyalty Card
Loyalty Card

FlexiSail Loyalty Card

At FlexiSail we want you to get the most out your membership with us and enjoy every moment of your sailing experience. We believe that this experience is not just the time spent out on the water sailing but extends to time spent in port, whether this is your ‘home’ port or one which your visit on your travels.

With this in mind we have approached our favourite restaurants, shops, pubs and boat havens to take part in our Loyalty Card Program, to offer our members great value, whichever way the wind and tide has taken them. These genuine offers and discounts from our Loyalty Partners are not available to the general public.


FlexiSail Sea Miles

Our FlexiSail members are important to us. We have devised our Sea Miles Rewards as our way of saying thank you to our members for being part of FlexiSail.

Sea Miles are received for annual renewal, for membership referrals, helping out at Open Days and Boat Shows, and for occasional special promotions. FlexiSail Sea Miles can then be used to pay or part pay for a whole range of items, including training and social events.

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