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Our FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee

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Our FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee

We have absolute conviction in our product and believe that you will be delighted at the pristine condition of our boats, impressed with the quality of our dedicated training, enjoy our fun social programme and appreciate the very personal way that we run our business.

However, we do not expect you to simply take our word for it or take a financial risk to find out. Our Flexisail Money Back Guarantee provides three key guarantees to you.

FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee 1

A reservation fee of £250 holds your place on your chosen boat to give you time without pressure, to mull everything over, read over the membership agreement, check your diaries and generally be happy that you have taken the right decision.

Your initial boat and membership deposit is refundable in full.

All we ask is that you let us know within 14 days of receiving the agreement so that we can offer your place to someone else if you do not wish to proceed. Your deposit will be refunded, in full, upon the return of your membership pack.

FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee 2

Following signing our agreement and payment of our initial invoices for the induction and membership and training if applicable, we will have arranged the first 2 days of your induction or training with you.

Our FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee extends your cooling off period to 7 days prior to the start of your induction or training even if it is weeks after you had joined. Cancel your membership and we will refund everything that you have paid in full (except courses or other courses that you have received or already taken)

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All we ask is that you let us know a minimum of 7 days before your start on the water and therefore before we have incurred costs. A full refund will be made upon return of your membership pack.

FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee 3

Time on the water, on your FlexiSail boat, is a perfect way to be sure that you have taken the right decision to join FlexiSail.

Our FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee gives you a third opportunity to change your mind and cancel your membership agreement.

Cancel your membership up to 2 days following the completion of your second day on the water (induction or combination of induction and training) and all you will pay is £950 inc VAT (our standard induction cost for 2 days on your FlexiSail boat with an instructor). Everything else you have paid will be refunded (excepting any theory course purchased). Please just remember to return your membership pack to receive your refund (except theory courses that you have received, other courses or additional training days that you have already taken).

You might be wondering why are we are being so generous and shouldering the cost should you decide not to proceed? After all, we will have spent a fair amount of time with you, provided lots of information, given you a detailed demonstration of our booking system, answered many questions, showed you our boats, posted you agreements and manuals and much more?

In summary, we provide our FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee because we sincerely believe that what we have to offer is of both tremendous value and benefit to you, and quite simply the best available in the industry.  We want you to try FlexiSail and see for yourself.

We acknowledge that boating is an expensive pastime and nowhere is more expensive in the UK than the Solent. We hope that our FlexiSail Money Back Guarantee will make it easier for you to try FlexiSail Boat Share Membership by ‘dipping your toes in the water’ before committing to a full year and, most likely, stay many years with us. The length of time our members stay and the significant number of members that go onto FlexiSail Boat Ownership is a testament in itself.

Many members have said to us that joining FlexiSail was the best sailing decision they ever made.  Let that be yours too!