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FlexiSail’s Mentored RYA Training Packages

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Engage your family or friends, build your skills and fun memories together on your own FlexiSail boat.

Starting to sail has never been easier with FlexiSail’s Mentored RYA Training Packages. As a FlexiSail member you have exclusive access to your own boat on which to carry out your training. You are joining a supportive sailing community that makes sail training fun. Our training is recognized as being the best in the industry, thanks to our thorough and continual training development.

Our 3 RYA training packages designed for you to reach your sailing goals - no matter where you are starting from:


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When you take out a FlexiSail Mentored RYA Training Package at the same time as your boat membership we will incorporate your second day of induction as part of your training, effectively adding +1 days of instruction to your RYA training package. This makes better use of your induction time, adding yet more value to your training/membership package.

  1. +1 day: Extra training day on the water concentrating on boat handling for your peace of mind

“FlexiSail Training is the best training school for Day Skipper and Competent Crew that I know of.”

Simon Coates Freelance Yachtmaster Instructor

The Best in the Business

Our training is recognized as being the best in the industry by instructors and clients alike, thanks to our thorough and continual training development by our dedicated RYA sailing school.

Combining your RYA training package with your membership will not only give you unparalleled access to a quality yacht, but also a skill base that will take you far beyond what is achievable using traditional training school methods.  We call it Day Skipper Plus.

It's Up to You How Far You Go

Receiving the relevant training that you need is paramount to you making the most from your membership with FlexiSail. Our 3 great RYA Training Packages are part of a comprehensive and coherent training solution for you to reach your sailing goals, whether it is Day Skipper, Competent Crew or beyond. Here you have everything that you need, bundled together, for your convenience and cost saving. Training is carried out on your FlexiSail boat in your membership time.

“Joining Flexisail and going through the RYA training package to achieve our Day Skipper qualification has been both exciting and immensely satisfying. We’ve had great fun sailing together as a family. 

Our FlexiSail instructors have been incredibly patient and have inspired confidence and progress which in turn makes our sailing even more enjoyable.  

I can’t think of an easier, more cost effective or more fun way of learning to sail together as a family.”

Juanita and Rhys Rodgers, Members on Dumbledore



Trial sails are held throughout the year, come and have a go... No obligation!

Benefits of our unique structured and mentored training approach

  • All packages are adaptable to suit your specific needs
  • We take you beyond traditional sailing school standards — we call it ‘Day Skipper Plus’
  • Your family/ group will progress and learn to sail as a ‘team’
  • You sail your own exclusive FlexiSail boat
  • We provide a supportive and social sailing community which makes everything easier and more fun
  • You benefit from personal mentoring throughout your training
  • Our Yachtmaster Instructors are able to give you greater experience and depth
  • You will achieve a higher level of confidence backed by skill and knowledge
  • We make learning a fun leisure activity
  • You are protected by our FlexiSail Promise and Guarantee

From experience the expectation is that you will achieve your Day Skipper certificate to a ‘plus’ standard, well beyond what could be achieved using the traditional sail training methods. You can expect to have the confidence and ability to happily skipper your yacht by day with your family and friends. Your family/group will also achieve substantial training from the package. We may request to do some of the training on a one to one basis.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your training further.


“Our initial impression was of a warm welcome. A briefing session with the Chief Instructor boosted our confidence and prepared us for our initial weekend of family instruction.

Now we are well into our FlexiSail RYA training package and would heartily recommend it to any family thinking of learning together. 

We have found that FlexiSail combines efficient professionalism with a family-friendly approach. The boats are superbly maintained and without exception the instructors we have met have been cheerful, friendly and most importantly, patient. All in all we have found FlexiSail an ideal introduction to family sailing.”

Steve Lawrenson and Helen Nevitt

Brighton, Members on Ava B

Competency level prior to startNoviceCompetent CrewDay Skipper
Maximum numbers to be taught443
Qualification to be achievedDay SkipperPlus Max 2DS + 2CCDay SkipperPlus Max 2DS + 2CCDay Skipper Advanced Max 2DS + 1CC
YMI Training tailored to your needs (* +1 day is the second day of your induction taken as a free additional training)10(+1*) days8(+1*) days8(+1*) days
RYA Day Skipper Correspondence Course Fully supported with face to face days included1 Place1 Place1 Place
VHF Radio Operators Course (Excludes photo licence and exam @ £60pp)1 Place1 PlaceNo
Personal One to One Mentoring (following each 2 day training session)YesYesYes
Total Group Cost (not per person) £2805£2353£1169
Monthly payment option (4 equal payments)£701£588£292
Lump sum payment with discount£2671£2671£1113

Your training can be broken up into several periods.  As a minimum you must do 2 day blocks or longer, although we recommend 3 days at a time.  We aim to deliver training to you that fits in with your lifestyle and other commitments.

You can add to your chosen RYA Training Package with additional places on courses such as the VHF etc at our members discounted level. Just ask for details.

Experience suggests some members like to extend their training with additional instruction, and therefore this is always an option with any package. For the complete novice this option can remove a lot of stress as training can be a high pressure and intensive time at Day Skipper level.Above all we believe that training should be fun and something to look forward to.

The Next Step

Call Richard on 01590 688087 or email  to discuss and identify the most appropriate RYA training packages which will best suit your needs. We would love to meet you, and show the many boat and membership options that we offer.  From there we can structure your membership and training to meet your needs and in so doing give you the best possible value.

FlexiSail Training is the trading name of our own RYA Training Centre and which is dedicated to member training