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FlexiSail Boat Share Membership

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How It Works:


FlexiSail boat share membership shares the usage of a particular yacht, catamaran or motor boat between a small number of members (1 owner plus a maximum of 7 full members).  As a 1/8th member for example (with a FlexiSail Anytime Membership), you are guaranteed the equivalent of 6 weeks or 42 days per year of sailing that you can book up to 12 months in advance. This time is split equally over the 6 x 2 month booking rotations throughout the year.  In addition you can almost double your access again through the use of FREE ‘last minute’ (less than 3 days in advance) bookings. This is more than enough for most of us!


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A boat with a full membership will always be busy in the peak season but with FlexiSail there will always be availability for you for two main reasons:

1) We never oversubscribe our boats.

2) Overall our typical boat share member actually only uses around 60-65% of their guaranteed time.

Rather than sell more memberships or give others access to your boat, this unused time is retained in the calendar for your free use as a boat share member on a ‘last minute’ basis (within 3 days).

This under usage allows members greater flexibility with their bookings making it easier to get the times you want.

You and your family or you and you partner are ‘the member’ so one membership covers you all, or indeed you can share your membership with a friend. We do not charge a premium for joint membership.  When you have your boat booked, it is exclusively yours and you can invite friends, family or whoever you wish, up to the number of people the boat is coded for. If you are ever short of crew, we have active FlexiCrew members ready to crew your boat so that you are never without someone to sail with.

iCalendar – our ‘Fair Share Boat Share Membership’ booking system

Each member is able to book anything from an evening sail through to a solid 7 days up to a year ahead at any time, and in any combination.  It makes provision for you to make an 08.00, 10.00 or 18.00 hours start; tracks your bookings; and when you come to book a day (or string of days) the iCalendar will only offer you the dates that you have available within your allocations.  You can also ‘swap’ time with other boat share members (to sail for longer or more intensely in a booking rotation), not just on your boat, but on other boats in different locations. With tides, weather and our Crewing database all incorporated, you have a one-stop-shop for everything you need to make the most of your time out on the water. For more detailed information on how our online booking system works, go to the iCalendar page.

Your Exclusive Boat Share Membership Provides Peace of Mind

If you have previously chartered, do you remember the anxiety not knowing quite what to expect on arrival and, therefore, bringing the ‘kitchen sink’ because it might not have one?  With FlexiSail you are a member on one boat – one you are totally comfortable and familiar with and which is fully kitted out with everything that you will need right down to a corkscrew!  FlexiSail’s boat share membership is in fact the closest you can get to owning your own boat.  You know exactly what to bring (just your wet weather gear, food, and bedding if overnighting), and you are safe in the knowledge that the boat will be smart, clean, welcoming and fully functional to enjoy when you arrive.  When you have your boat booked, it is exclusively yours.

We have a substantial and growing fleet of yachts ranging from 32 feet to 41 feet. Our brands are Dufour, Jeanneau and Fountaine Pajot. In the last two years alone we have added 6 brand new boats and our average boat is less than 3  years old. We want you to be able to enjoy your sailing at its best, in contemporary boats with the latest kit, take a look at our boat share fleet.

FlexiSail’s uncompromising quality specifications

All FlexiSail’s boat share membership boats are highly specified, often exceeding the level most private owners would fit and all include heating, autopilot, electric windlass, chart plotter, wind, depth and log instrumentation, deck lighting, tricolour, and all the safety modifications and equipment required to comply with the ‘Code of Practice’ for commercial use.  New boats in the last 3 years include Automatic Information Systems (AIS), GPS based EPIRBS (emergency position indicating radio beacon), dual station VHF, Seame ‘active’ transmitting radar reflectors (20 times more effective than passive standard systems) and our largest yacht and motor cruiser also carry Radar. Your safety is paramount to us.  Not only do we provide all the best equipment, but we also teach you how to use it.

We are very proud of the quality and standards to which we maintain our boats. To maintain such standards we employ our own full-time fleet maintenance team who do nothing else but make sure all our boats are in tip top condition and ready and safe for you to use.  We put more hours into maintaining each boat than any other company in our sector, which is very evident when you step on board, and is really appreciated by our members.

Experience Our Boat Share Membership Programme For Yourself

Do arrange to come down to see our boats and meet us at one of our Meet the Fleet Days, or if that is not possible then make a private appointment to view.  We guarantee that you will be impressed and we will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need to decide the best route for you to get out on the water.  There is no pressure to join, but should you decide that FlexiSail membership is right for you, we have comprehensive guarantees in place that ensures you can ‘test the water’ with very little financial risk.

Membership Induction

As a new boat share member, you will receive a 2-day ‘induction’ of your boat.  This induction is designed to thoroughly take you from stem to stern through your FlexiSail boat so that you know where everything is, what it does and how to operate it with an emphasis on all the boat’s safety equipment. We then spend a full day ‘on the water’ giving you the helm and taking you through all the techniques of manoeuvring under power, berthing, short-handed use and, of course, enjoying time under sail ensuring you understand such fundamentals as the reefing techniques. It is also an informal assessment as to where you are with your present sailing skills, and if you are at the stage where you require training we will tailor that training to meet your specific needs.  This is a private induction for yourself, friends or family, and not a group membership induction.

Minimum Qualifications Required

Our minimum qualification requirements are RYA Day Skipper Tidal Practical and Theory, as well as a VHF Operator’s Licence.  If you don’t have all or any of these qualifications we will take you through the necessary courses ‘in-house’, and most valuable of all you will do the Practical training on your own FlexiSail boat with one of our Yachtmaster Instructors. Since 2005, we have developed a series of mentored training packages that are perfect for training you as a small group or family, training at your pace not ours to ensure you reach a high level of competency reaching RYA Day Skipper Plus level. We believe our boat share membership is all about fun, enjoyment and safety.

FlexiSail Training is the trading name of our sailing school and RYA Training Centre. We do not cater for public training as we do not wish to dilute members’ access to their own boats or mix students with different goals. Please see details on our FlexiSail Training page.