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What is Boat Share Membership?

Upcoming Meet the Fleet DaysLondon Boat Show —Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th January 2018Hamble — Sat 27th January 2018 Lymington — Sat 3rd February 2018Hamble - Sat 17th March 2018

Our Meet the Fleet Days are a great opportunity to see a large number of our boats at the same time. However, if these times don't work for you please call us on 01590 688 008 and arrange a mutually convenient time to see a specific boat.

What is Boat Share Membership?

The ownership experience without all the costs and worries!

An affordable way to enjoy a luxury boating lifestyle on the water, when you want it, on beautifully maintained sail and motor boats.

Modern and Well Maintained Fleet

You can now enjoy time on the water on new or nearly new modern boats. Our yachts and catamarans  are fully serviced and professionally maintained to the highest standards for you to enjoy with your family and friends all at a fraction of the cost of owning your own boat.


Fun and Supportive Boating Community

Our inclusive year round social programme has something for everyone, including non-sailors. Plus our in-house RYA Training School, FlexiSail Training, is dedicated to member training, making getting out on the water easy, more enjoyable and fantastic value.

With FlexiSail you are joining a truly supportive and fun community with which to enjoy your boat and sailing experiences.  We provide you with regular year round and exclusive access to your FlexiSail boat. It really is like private ownership with all the benefits this brings, but with none of the many disadvantages.  FlexiSail boat share membership is a brilliant way to enjoy your boating at a fixed known cost.


A Time and Cost-effective Sailing Solution

Boat share membership is very time and cost-effective as few people have the time to use their yacht or catamaran as much as they would need to justify ownership.  Nor do most people have the inclination to spend their free time maintaining their boat, or paying the endless bills. With FlexiSail, you do what you enjoy most whilst we take care of everything else.

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Membership Options

Choose between our three levels of boat share membership to match your time available and your budget. You could be out on the water on your ‘own’ boat before you know it!

FlexiSail Anytime

Provides you with the best of all worlds and is by far the most popular boat share membership option.  You receive both midweek and weekend sailing, plus extensive access to free ‘last minute’ weekend and midweek sailing, representing tremendous value. A FlexiSail Anytime membership starts from £599* inc VAT pcm.

FlexiSail Midweeker

Provides you with both guaranteed and free ‘last minute’ (within 3 days) midweek ‘offpeak’ sailing time throughout the year. A FlexiSail Midweeker membership starts from £359* inc VAT per month.

FlexiSail Weekender

Provides you with ‘peak’ time weekend sailing plus a weekday to give you the flexibility to sail for long weekends (3 days). Weekender membership also includes additional free ‘last minute’ weekend and weekday use.  A FlexiSail Weekender membership starts from £449* inc VAT pcm.

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