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What is Boat Owner Membership?


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FlexiSail Owner Membership

If you would like to own your own boat, but not have the substantial costs of ownership and the maintenance worries, then the option of buying a boat and placing it with a boat share membership company, such as FlexiSail, could be an attractive proposition.

The main advantages of placing your boat in our owner membership programme are:

  • you will receive a guaranteed income every month
  • your boat will be professionally managed and maintained
  • the hassle, worry and costs of ownership are offset
  • Free Anytime membership, and all additional sailing within 3 days is free
  • Your boat is only shared by the few; members who treat your boat as their own
  • Your boat is ready when you are!

The key advantage of boat share owner membership, that you will not find with charter ownership programmes, is that your income is derived throughout the year, allowing you a share of the use of your boat in high season without impacting on your income.

The boat is also professionally managed by a dedicated team who really care. There is a limited number of members who exclusively use your boat and who, therefore, inevitably develop a pride of ‘ownership’ themselves. These members have also been through a rigorous induction programme to ensure that they are suitably qualified and experienced to use your boat.

Are you are thinking about buying your own boat? Would you like to avoid the costs and time commitment associated with ownership? Would you appreciate strict control of who else has use of your boat? If you have answered yes to any of the above then our owner membership programme may well be the right solution for you!

Call us now on 01590 688008 or email [email protected]l.com for further information.

We look forward to helping you to realise your boat ownership ambition.

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